Good Friday

At 2pm we will have a service focussing on the events of the crucifixion.  The story as told in Matthew’s Gospel will dominate, read by different voice, and interspersed with reflections and prayer.  There will also be pauses to allow you to meditate upon both scripture and reflection.

If you are able to have a cracked or broken cup and a cross of some sort to hand, that would be helpful.  The liturgy for the service is available for download here.  And for those of you who were unable to be at the service yesterday, the Introduction and Reflections are posted here.

Maundy Thursday

Rev Julie will lead us in a short Maundy Thursday service.  If possible, if you could have a candle, cracker or piece of bread, glass of red juice or red wine and a piece of paper and pen or pencil to hand during the service, that would enable you to join in fully.  The liturgy is downloadable here and the service will begin at 7.30pm on Thursday 9th April via Phone Church.

Easter Quiz

Just to keep our brains ticking over, in the absence of one of Mrs Knott’s fiendish quizzes, Angela has passed on this Christian Aid Easter Quiz.  The deadline is quite tight for submitting it for the competition, but it has lots of good brainteasers to stimulate thought and discussion, even if you don’t go ahead and send it in!  Here’s the link to a pdf version, and here it is in Word.

The Donkeys Made It!

Despite the Church being closed and none of us being able to be there, our lovely friends Sara and Martin took their beautiful donkeys, Bonnie and Clyde, up there yesterday anyway, and sent us this fab video;

and one of them desperately seeking Rev Julie and her very tasty carrots!




We shall be having the said service of Compline at 7.30pm on each of the first 3 nights of Holy Week – April 6th, 7th and 8th – with a mediation, led by Rev Julie.  This is a beautiful thought provoking service of reflection.  Service sheets are here in A5 format, and here in A4 format which can then be printed using the booklet setting on your printer.

Palm Sunday

Rev Julie will be leading us in a Palm Sunday service with a difference this coming Sunday 5th April. The liturgy will appear here shortly, but in the meantime she’s sent us a template to create our own palm crosses which you can find here. Alternatively, there are loads of ideas for making your own palm cross online, or grab something suitable out of the garden. We’ll have a competition to see who’s got the best Palm Cross on Sunday!

As part of the service, we’ll be reading the passion narrative, the story of Jesus trial and crucifixion.  A copy of this dramatized reading can be found here if you wish to download it and follow it as we read it.  And the liturgy for the service itself can be found here for those who have the print booklet option in their printer settings or here for those who can only print in A4.

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