Palm Sunday

Rev Julie will be leading us in a Palm Sunday service with a difference this coming Sunday 5th April. The liturgy will appear here shortly, but in the meantime she’s sent us a template to create our own palm crosses which you can find here. Alternatively, there are loads of ideas for making your own palm cross online, or grab something suitable out of the garden. We’ll have a competition to see who’s got the best Palm Cross on Sunday!

As part of the service, we’ll be reading the passion narrative, the story of Jesus trial and crucifixion.  A copy of this dramatized reading can be found here if you wish to download it and follow it as we read it.  And the liturgy for the service itself can be found here for those who have the print booklet option in their printer settings or here for those who can only print in A4.

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Fifth Sunday of Lent, first Sunday of Phone Church, with added internet for those with the computer capacity! Please click on one of the links below for a PDF version of the short service of the word for Lent which I have come up with.

Version 1 – for those who have the Booklet function on their Printer Properties.

Version 2 – for those who will be printing service sheet out in A4.

Our service will begin at 10am – but remember this Sunday is when the clocks Spring forward……..I’ll try not to be late!

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