Lenten Compline, 26th February

Wow, what an amazing day it is today!  Hopefully you’re all able to be outside some way somehow to take full advantage of the loveliest of spring days.  And what better way to draw it to an end than by joining us for our second Lenten Compline.  Doug will be leading us with a summary of the full reflection on psalm 84, and you can download the full version here to be able to read and fully digest later.  You’ll also need to download a new service sheet here, as we shall be using psalm 84 as part of our service too.

Join us on Phone Church at 7pm for a catch up chat, and our reflection followed by Compline will begin at 7.15pm.

Family Service for the First Sunday of Lent, 21st February

In a change to our advertised programme, this Sunday sees our first ever online Family Service at 11am on Phone Church via Zoom.  Doug will lead us in this short and lively service, aimed at the whole family.  Your service sheet can be viewed or downloaded here, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Lenten Compline, 19th February

Our regular Friday night Compline service will be augmented by a reflection upon the psalms, taken from the book Life in the Psalms by Patrick Woodhouse, which looks at how we can find new relevance in these ancient texts for our contemporary Covid world.  We begin with a brief introduction from David, based upon the first 3 chapters of this book.  You can view or download our service sheet here and the first reflection here.

The service will begin as usual at 7pm on Phone Church with time to catch up with each other and find out how everyone’s week has gone.  Our reflection begins at 7.15pm and is then followed by the usual service this week.  In future weeks the psalm reflected upon will be the psalm we use in our Compline service.

Ash Wednesday Holy Communion

So we set out on our Lenten journey, starting with a service of Holy Communion with DIY ashing.  This will be a quiet and meditative communion service, as we begin Lent by coming before God in penitence and faith, conscious of our many failings and his amazing grace.  Your service sheet can be viewed or downloaded here.

If you are able to prepare a mixture of oil and ash – traditionally ash from the burning of last year’s palm crosses – in order to sign yourselves with the sign of the cross, that would be grand.  Otherwise, just a little oil will be fine, to remind us of our baptismal vows and the pilgrimage of our lives.  We look forward to welcoming you to this service, and walking with you through this period of reflection and contemplation which is Lent.